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Suddenly you hit writer’s block, and you can’t think of any topic to cover. We broke down the whole process of building content around topic clusters on our blog. Topic clusters are a newer SEO content strategy. They entail creating one piece of topical pillar content, supported by smaller pieces of content that fill out details around that topic. Reaching out and having guest authors fill some of those gaps can allow your regular blog writers to get ahead in their content schedule and stay there. Plus you get the bonus of bringing the reputation of your guest writers to your blog.

Your content writers write and write and write…. and still, it’s not enough to keep your blog schedule full. That’s a huge audience that you could tap into. broke down how to use the technique in this blog post. Do you ever get frustrated because you just can’t seem to get your content to rank? The skyscraper technique that was developed by Backlinko’s Brian Dean and consists of three simple steps. Once you’ve determined your schedule you can use a tool like CoSchedule to manage your editorial calendar.

Our WordPress-friendly platform will help you manage your content from start to finish. If your team decides that publishing content on a blog or some other source is right for you, make sure that you are sticking to a consistent schedule. It is important to note that any content you publish has to be authored by you and only you.

If you have multiple writers on your team, only they can publish the content they write. When you’re looking to offer your content a next platform to move into, LinkedIn may be it. LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s specialized blog platform and republishing your content there is usually as easy as duplication and pasting it from the original source. Copy in addition to paste the updated computer code over the original articles. Re-read post and upgrade outdated information or put and expand a matter. If you’re like myself, you’re prone to overlook things like where your current keys are or any time your favorite books continue sale at Barnes in addition to Noble. Of course, if you’re keen to forgetfulness odds will be your audience is actually.

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You don’t want to have to update content every few weeks. Don’t just give your audience advice, show them how to practice it. Some things to keep in mind when you’re writing best practices content. Research and gather data through surveying your target audience or reading reports from high authority sources. Read the top ten pieces of content for every keyword that your guide targets and take notes on recurring questions or topics that you need to cover in your guide. Make sure readers can listen to the podcast episode from the post. You write a lot of blog content; you have a demand to fill after all.

Expand your content reach by guest blogging on other high ranking blogs in your industry. Guest blogging is an easy way to help increase your authority on industry topics and get your content in front of fresh eyes. If your team has clear objectives for why you want to teach a course that will come across in your content.