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The important thing is to get on the bandwagon and get started on milking the most of analytics. Marketo has a clear set of guidelines how to Measure the ROI of your Marketing Programmes that is well worth checking out. The business belief is that it takes at least seven touches before a cold lead can be converted into a sale. Because this is so random and volatile, it is difficult to allocate revenue to just one specific touch and expect it to work and show results straightaway. Money invested today will have an uncertain impact at Point X in the future.

Marketing Modern

It is enough to blog quality content once a month than to have incessant useless blog content daily. Having a Personal privacy Policy Page is a much valued characteristic to have on your website. It boosts your search rank and also improves your reputation as a trustworthy website. Buy a personal privacy policy template on-line and add your own business details plus a link to it in your footer and sitemap. Humans are visual creatures and the use of images or videos can make or break your brand. They should be interesting, relevant and in line with your brand personality. Avoid large images as they slow down the loading of your webpages and that will in turn cause Google search AI to push your ranking down.

Organic traffic from SEO brings excellent web traffic for businesses. Google sees all your reviews and it prioritises a business based on its ratings. One thing to note – Facebook reviews do appear on Google too.

Don’t forget to audit your content and examine the effort you are putting into voice queries and long-tail keyword phrases. In your next event, think about what story you could tell about your business via this event.

You can anticipate your customer’s next action based on your knowledge of their past behaviour. In the near future we will be expecting a heavy dependence on the Science of Integrated Marketing Analytics. If you are hungry for more, check out our additional 15 marketing metrics here to get more out of your ROI. And, worse, for all your marketing tactics, you’re under pressure to show MROI.

You’re here because you need to demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. At the end of each blog post you should always include a CTA for readers to further engage with the content. Here is where you can get creative with what you can offer e. g. a free ebook, a consultation etc.

Yet, marketers have to decide right now where to invest their money today. The trend is to move into Real-Time Marketing with analytics.