Pac-Mac is a classic game anyone can learn to play in a matter of minutes. This faithful recreation includes a ball cq9 slot joystick, power switch, and volume control. Once upon a time, the best thing about malls were the arcade centers.

Today, achieving your childhood dream of owning your own arcade game has never been easier! Take a look at this handy buying guide to learn more about the process of finding and buying your next favorite game.

Call and we can tell you the names of the other games. The Fun Dungeon offers over 200 games, including 15 Carnival Midways, 10 Kiddie Land Games, 60 Arcade Games, 10 Sports Games and 106 Redemption Games! Make sure to try our World’s Biggest Pacman, Mega Stacker, Smash Air Hockey, and more.

Arcade Machines

Many games in the other categories can also be categorized as redemption games. A favorite of many visiting their local arcade, gun games have realistic looking guns and can involve anything from hunting deer to killing zombies. Popularized in the 90’s with Dance Revolution, these games are a hit with people of all ages; offering a fun way to compete, exercise, and test your skills.

This machine features an unique control layout, with five buttons and a rollerball for control. The artwork is a near-perfect replica of the original. It’s pre-assembled, so you’ll be playing in no time.

All you needed was a roll of quarters to spend an afternoon with friends and family rescuing April O’Neil, blasting the alien invaders, and gobbling up every last Pac-dot. Now you can bring that nostalgia home with any number of home arcades. To preserve cabinet art, avoid putting the game near direct sunlight. Keep your game clean and dust free, by regularly wiping it down and cleaning the computer with canned air. From the classic Skee Ball, offering tickets, to more modern prize games like Namco’s Dunk Tank Prize redemption game, where you can win high dollar items.